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Drive for So-Mob

Come join our moto taxi fleet and experience the difference. So-Mob drivers pay a daily fee that goes towards ownership of the moto, battery usage and maintenance. The moto is yours after 1 year. With So-Mob you will get more money in your pocket, all while breathing in less toxic fumes on your solar powered, electric motorcycle. The So-Mob app allows you to easily connect with customers looking for a ride, taking the stress out of finding passengers. Our drivers are trained in the app, customer service and driving best practices. We are always looking for drivers to add to our fleet. Send us an email about joining the So-Mob revolution.

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Ride with So-Mob

The riding experience with So-Mob couldn't be easier. Simply download our app for free and start riding! Our fleet is enabled with GPS technology that will let you know where our closest driver is and how much your ride will cost. Initiate the ride from the app and your driver will be on there way to pick you up.  Alternatively, you can simply hail one of our drivers when you spot him or her on the road. Our drivers will offer you a helmet, a complimentary hair net and you're off!

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The So-Mob app is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play. Simply click your platform here to initiate the download.

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